Economic development and enterprising management play a huge role in promoting the development of the global economy, stimulating the international division of labor, and increasing the flow of production factors worldwide.

The International Conference on Management Research and Economic Development (ICMRED 2023) will be held on April 28, 2023. This conference mainly focuses on the related research fields of management, economy, finance, and business studies, aiming to provide an academic platform for researchers, college teachers and students, experts and scholars, and enterprises and institutions to exchange experiences and share achievements. The goal of this conference is to understand academic development trends, broaden research topics, strengthen academic research and discussion, promote industrialization cooperation, and increase the number of scientific publications for management research and economic development.

To break the barriers of time and space and to provide seamless communication opportunities for worldwide scholars, ICMRED 2023 will be organized distributedly with dispersed venues. Transnational academic workshops are the co-organisers of ICMRED 2023 and held at Cardiff Business School (Cardiff, UK) and King's College London (London, UK). Besides these workshops, ICMRED 2023 also holds an online session and welcomes participants from all countries and regions.

The conference sincerely invites experts, scholars, business people, and other relevant personnel from universities and scientific research institutions worldwide to attend and exchange inspirations.

Best Papers

Thanks to the efforts and contributions of all sides, ICMRED 2023 has completed the processing of manuscript submissions. We have received plenty of high-quality papers from authors worldwide. After several rounds of peer review, three papers have been selected as the best of ICMRED 2023:

  • The Impact of US-CN Audit Agreement on US-listed Chinese Companies and its US Peers
    by Yinuo Zhang, Yang Chen, Zirui Wang, and Jiayi Gong

  • The Economic Impact of Aging on China's Public Health: a Short-term Perspective
    by Mengningzi Ren

  • An Empirical Analysis of the Influencing Factor of International Reverse
    by Hongfei Xu

It is a real pleasure to receive and publish so many excellent works in the conference proceedings. We are looking forward to more fine pieces submitted to future conferences.

Review Process

The submission will first be reviewed for its topic and length, then go through an originality check. The peer-review process will begin soon after the paper is found to be qualified. The paper will be sent to have a double-blind peer review by 2 reviewers. They will judge the paper based on the theme, coverage, innovation, integrity, depth, and language. If the paper is accepted, notification of acceptance and review comments will be sent to the author via email. The actual review time may be different under certain situations.

Important Dates

Conference Date

April 28, 2023

Submission & Payment Deadline

Type Regular Submission Late Submission
Paper Submission April 7, 2023 April 21, 2023
Review Process 2 weeks 2 weeks
Revise & Acceptance 2 weeks 2 weeks
Registration & Payment 2 weeks 2 weeks
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest include but are not limited to: